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I'll be brief. If not - I'll negate my own point. Got time to read a 12-page essay on sales improvement? You want to get back to construction sales and money. Let's go then.

Less time more pressure.

You prospects have less time and feel more pressure. Just like you, I'm sure. As a sales professional, you need to be aware to this. For your own good, have a clear, short and concise charity performance statement. Don't waste a prospect's time or yours with lengthy (and boring) introductions. Abide by ancestors who go on and on at networking actions when asked what they do or introducing themselves to the group. Is that you?

Less income to get more done.

Your sales amplify when you develop display how much 'leverage' your creation provides. Have equipped proof of extensive Benefit On Investment for prospects. The best ROI aid is buyer testimonials containing real numbers. If you don't have any, use conscientiousness data and 3rd party research, or statistics, and proactively collecting your own. Start today.

Less call more voice mail.

If you don't convalesce your capability for goodbye voice mail messages, then you will carry on to face the frustration of receiving your calls returned. Most salespeople's capability and confidence with voice mail ashes poor. If you can't motivate me to even call you back, how could you perhaps motivate me to buy from you? Again, be brief, concise and clear. The most clear weakness is not leasing me know the Advantage of business you back. Get guidance on how to leave an impactful 30-second idea that can't be overlooked and pulls response.

Less paper and more email.

Letterhead is hard to find these days. A client of mine, IBM, hunted to send a testament epistle about a sales colloquium I gave. My associate couldn't find letterhead. However, lack of letterhead is no absolve for poor spelling and curt communication. Build affiliation because of continual and evocative email contact. Make your emails well-written, listening carefully and brief. You face obstacles, like accurate complex confidence and the poor mainframe skills of your recipients. Take a course of action on email custom and copy writing. Don't send an email with large or too many attachments. Conveyance paper 'snail-mail' is assembly a flood back with the existing anti-spam and "too-much-email" sentiment.

Less individual presentations and more technology.

Travel and budgets have diminished. Teleconferencing and web-based presentations have grown in their use. Sadly, knowledge doesn't breed ability. Pay attention to me. Using a webinar to read a PowerPoint to me over the phone will NOT sell me. Again, build your skill set and better your presentations or have an practiced facilitator do them for you.

Less talk and more listening.

The wisdom of the ages. Cliché exceedingly but still disregarded and executed poorly in sales. Prospects have a small amount time to eavesdrop to your 'sales pitch. ' Ironically, they have adequate of time to 'complain. ' Perfect. Egg on this and note their problems. Let THEM sell themselves. Let your prospects talk themselves into purchasing and stop interrupting them. Give the irregular at the appointed time and positive nod to aid their rant. Good sales ancestors sell products. Great sales professionals solve problems.

Less grounding and more action.

More salespeople fail while perfecting their accost in its place of essentially assembly contacts. Look. Over-preparing makes you sound mechanical and impersonal anyway. It's a procrastinator's prop and an apology for those in fear of rejection. Get on the phone and be present at networking measures now. Convalesce on the fly. Don't worry. We're all human and commonly kind.

Enough said. Time to sell.

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