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Dont read this issue: why axiom no can make your sales rate soar! - sales-training


Yes, it's true. Axiom "No" is a great way of being paid colonize to want what you've got even more.

I bare the power of adage no when our commerce first got certainly busy. A budding client approached us to execute quite a large eCommerce project. We couldn't take it on and didn't want to get any better than we before now were at the time, so humbly declined the business.

What happened? They asked us if we'd be enthusiastic to reconsider if they were agreeable to pay more! That unexpected consequence left me with a dilemma (but a nice one). It seems that even when you say "No" to commerce you won't essentially be able to turn it away.

The conundrum is, most small businesses infrequently say no to anyone, so they never get to see the power of this two-letter word in action. While it's continually a risky strategy, maxim "No" can be a actually good way of creation your big business even more desirable.

Here Are 4 Ways "Saying No" Can Get A "Yes"

1. Child - Adult

When you were a kid, you'll bring to mind that some belongings were for adults only. Your mom or dad would say, "This Vodka, Whisky, Beer is for adults, not for you. " Then as kids we would also sneakily try it out when their backs were turned, try demanding with them for a "little taste" or eagerly await the day we were old a sufficient amount to try it. When we did after all try it we'd almost choke and then pretend to ourselves that the decaying tasting liquid burning our throat in fact tasted good! This hardly fib will then admire a good part of us into our adulthood.

Simply illuminating a big name that "this is not for you" will ask to the disobedient child in them and make them want it all the more. Bonkers but true!

Here's the final part (slightly modified) of a sales presentation (dressed up as a cosmic physical condition seminar) I bear in mind hearing. While this exact case is blatantly evident when you know what you're looking for, it formed a considerable rush of associates paying over Ł2000 each at the back of the room. . .

"Right, so you've heard me speak for 20 notes now, about how I cured my own halitosis all the way through the power of activist thinking. Now I'd just like to tell you about a 3 day workshop I'm administration called 'The Smell Journey' but beforehand I tell you any more, I must just make a few belongings clear. This workshop is not for everyone! Only citizens who are smart, decisive, intelligent, wise, open minded and ready for a develop forthcoming ought to come and sign up today at the desks that you'll find right next to all the exits. "

While I've apparently amended the letter for our amusement, this blueprint actually worked for the host and will work for you too.

2. Don't Doesn't Work. . .

Why is it that when citizens tell us not to do a touch it seems to crop up as if by magic? How many times has a big name said, "watch you don't fall" just ahead of a big cheese goes loud to the floor? Could it be that by adage don't do amazing you could cause that thing to happen. Yes! Absolutely!

Here's an experiment. . .

Right, I don't want you to think of a pink monkey. . . Now don't think of that pink monkey dancing and before a live audience a purple guitar. . .

And at all you do, choose don't conceive of that the pink monkey is dancing on the back of a green elephant riding a motorbike.

While I can't in point of fact prove you weren't accepted wisdom those thoughts, I'm 100% a few that you were.

"Not" is just a word - but as humans we customarily have to come into contact with a bit in order to absorb what "not" to do a bit would be like.

I in point of fact tried a headline out that easily said. . .

"Do Not Read This Ad. . . "

The rejoinder rate went up by about 500% from the preceding headline I used!

What would you do if you customary an envelope that had these words printed on it. . .

"Do Not Open This Envelope"

I know what I'd do!

Hey, you're appraisal this issue and I told you not to!

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3. I Want It, I Want It, I Want It!

If a touch is not easily free it increases in appeal and value. Just think about diamonds or precious metals. They're diminutive more than cute gravel or shiny metals. We can coin by the same token appealing jewellery not including them yet colonize will put their life at risk, commit crimes and even kill citizens to attain them.

If you are selective about who you desire to work with, citizens will append much more value and pride to effective with you. Harvard Commerce Instruct understands this, DeVeers absorb this, Ferrari understands this.

Harley Davidson in reality twisted its affair about by creating an 18 month before you list.

So tell ancestors they can't have you and give them a affirmative (or aspirational) basis why and many will go out of their way to find a way of being paid to the top of your ahead of you list.

4. Divergence Responders

Some colonize are addicted schism responders. If you tell them to do something, they'll resist. If you tell them not to do it they'll go ahead and do it. In the right situation we all do this polarization response. When you recognise it you can use it to devastating effect.

For demand if you get a expectation who's being exceedingly testy - axiom clothes like "XYZ Co's prices are lower than yours! Why is that?" or "Why ought to I trust you?" the worst thing you can do is try and give them a credible answer. They'll just coin a new objection. Here's what I'd do instead. . .

CUSTOMER: "XYZ Co are cheaper than you. Why shouldn't I just go with them?" YOU: "You're right XYZ Co are cheaper than me. I consider you only get what you pay for but if price is an issue for you then maybe you be supposed to just use them instead. "

CUSTOMER: "Why ought to I just trust what you say?" YOU: "I don't want you trust what I've just said. I want you to believe the facts and make up your own mind about which answer is right for you. "

I'd urge you to apply these approaches in a safe background first - ie where you're not too anxious whether you get a sale or not. Once you see how it works first hand then have some fun with it and trust manually to use this tactic only when appropriate.

Speak Soon,

'Dangerous' Debbie Jenkins
debs@debbiejenkins. com

(c) Copyright 2005 www. BookShaker. com

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