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How can a smelly, boos goose teach you to be a affair leader? - sales-training


In the 1990's we lived on a farm in Iowa. Since I grew up in the country, I accepted wisdom I knew the whole lot there was to know about fatherland living. Dream up my amazement at erudition a touch life varying from a combine of old geese! When we obtained the farm I hunted to have the full be subjected to so I began to amass animals. We acquired cats, dogs, chickens, an old horse, guineas and the pair of geese. I ability to remember the wisdom that came from the animals. One such piece of wisdom was on leadership.

Leadership can be useful to our families, friends, big business associates, co-workers and relatives. True leaders are not born, as we are often taught. True leaders are developed. True leaders find out what others want and then they weigh the best answer to coin a win / win situation. Leaders face the challenges head-on and don't whine, 'It's too hard. ' They take the time and energy essential to advance their character, skills, philosophies, attitudes, and goals and then? Then they allow these equipment to be their guiding force. Fine leaders be au fait with that others look up to them. They grasp the hypothesis of this immense dependability and cheerily take on the task. Good, bad or ugly.

So, how can a smelly pair of boos geese teach you more about leadership? Well, on the farm we owned 4 acres of woods and at night it was crawling with opossum, raccoons and coyotes. Of course of action that meant that each night all the feathered animals would have to be open in the chicken coop. The chickens and guineas didn't have a challenge with going in at night. The geese? Well, they were a new story!

The geese were stubborn. They had ideas of their own. They did not want to be told what to do.

Does this sound like everybody you know?

Each dusk all five kids, two dogs and I would do the ritual "goose dance" where we would chase the geese with big sticks, brooms and any other frightening item we could find. We would endeavor to forcibly push and shoo them into the chicken coop. At times my wife would intentionally be redolent of some new technique. Yet, Nobody worked!

Barking, yelling and honking were banner sounds at some stage in the ritual goose dance. At length we would deal with to ball and herd the geese to the chicken coop door. They would reluctantly jump over the threshold and we would briefly and irately slam the door shut at the back of them while shouting angry words and stomping for the house. I was not happy.

The geese began to consume my thoughts. What motivated these stinking, stupid, inflexible birds? Why did they have such a mind of their own and why were they so. . . well. . . . you know. . . difficult? Didn't they achieve it was for their own guard and we were attempting to do what was best for them? After all, we KNEW what would ensue if they stayed out at night. They would be goose ceremonial dinner for some marauding brute in the woods.

I can't say as I blame them. No one likes to be told what to do. Almost a celebrity never works. No one likes to give up his or her choice and ideas. Even if you apprehend a touch they don't and it is for their own good. Then it dawned on me that perhaps?. . just perhaps, the geese were like people. Yeah?. maybe they had a mind and personality of their own. Maybe I desired to find out what they wanted. When I showed them how to get it, they would in fact WANT to go into the coop. Maybe I could lead them. It was time to get creative!

That late afternoon I opened a bag of corn and spilled a few kernels in front of the geese. They abruptly waddled over and gobbled it up. I had found the answer! Woo Hoo!!!

I was in front of them?. I was important them. They were next me! I took the corn and kernel by kernel, they followed me right into the coop! I ran out and slammed the door shut and this time, I smiled! No cursing, no anger. I was happy!

I took my stick and danced about with it?you know?John Travolta style. STAYIN ALIVE, STAYIN ALIVE???. AH AH AH AH?. STAYIN ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE. Living on a farm means no close neighbors monitoring your deeds so you tend to be. . . well, let's say. . . more?you know?uninhibited. I had just cultured the power of leadership from a combine of stupid, hissing, stinking, exasperating birds! I was so happy!

From that flash on the geese were led in each night. I was even able to teach my kids to be "leaders". What a concept. Coaching others leadership.

Leadership is a skill. Skills can be learned?you don't have to be born a leader. If you want to develop into a biting leader, ask yourself, these questions:

What motivates your associates, employees and team members?

Are you attempting to get what YOU want by approaching or do you take time to find out what THEY want and then show them how to get it?

Are you bossing your team members or are you chief them in the right direction?

Are you imaginatively manipulative situations where all wins?

You never know, one day they might even thank you. After all?. anything is feasible when you advance leadership skills!

(c) 2005 Michelle Shelton, All civil rights reserved

Michelle Shelton is a certified REALTOR with Keller Williams Landed property Southeast Valley in Gilbert, Arizona. Michelle specializes in coaching clients the total administer of Real Estate. She believes that the more educated her clients are, the less apprehension and stress they will have when exchange or advertising their home.


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