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Do you fold like a taco? - sales-training


Have you ever eaten a soft taco? The shell isn't hard - it is soft - and folds over especially easily. They are delicious! In business, however, I see too many colonize fold like a taco when they are negotiating with a customer.

It's not pretty.

The client may not even be asking for a discount/added value but at the slightest sign of dilly-dallying a. k. a silence - the dealer drops the price or keeps throwing in extras "to better the deal. "

This isn't called promotion - it is called Folding Like A Taco.

Get Comfortable With Asking For The Investment

This Sales Diva does not consider in Dying the deal with a customer. I see it as Cavity the door instead. I also know that in a affiliation (which is what you ought to have with your buyer by the way) there is some give and take involved. But you can't be the one doing all the giving!

So abide by these 4 steps:

1. Come in with your best offer right out of the gate. Years ago when I sold box publicity with Canada's chief networks - I had a client that constantly asked for every compromise FIRST and then they tried to bounce the offer back and forth concerning competitors.

However I have at all times had one rule. Integrity.

I will never not recall the discussion with my customer. When he said the other TV location had dropped their price, I asked the owner a question. "Roger - what would have happened if I hadn't brought this application to you? You would have paid the full price that they were asking. In essence - by plummeting their price so briefly - they have shown you they were overcharging you in the first place. I brought you the best offer right out of the gate. Our consequence is like yours - exceptionally high condition - and I know that you constantly stick to your word with your customers - just as I do. My offer stands. "

He looked at me and there was a long silence. He said "Kim - I never accepted wisdom of it that way. I will go ahead with your proposal. "


2. Don't start your discussion with price. Give your buyer the investment only after they appreciate the major remuneration of your artifact or service. If you start with price - I agreement you are banner down the rocky road of objections.

3. Allow the buyer time to think. Just as there is silence doesn't mean you need to start "folding your price. " Let them think it over.

4. Look at the word Agreement in a new way. You know what the phrase book has to say on the word COMPROMISE? "A settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions. " Look at the word this way: CO-M-PROMISE. Essentially it is a assure made by 2 or more citizens to meet in the middle. It isn't called ONEPROMISE!

If your patron is genuinely anxious with the investment - then you have some choices. You can both fold like a taco and drop the price considerably. (Not a Diva recommendation!) Or you can bestow added value/decrease in pricing based upon a assurance from them in a amount buy, or go over affair over a duration of time. You can also cut your price but also cancel some of your army as well. Say "I can absolutely work contained by your budget, however, we will have to bring down "this" from the package.

Remember - Desolation Isn't Pretty!

Once you have conventional a bond with a consumer that is based upon you folding like a taco - you will find it very challenging to become more intense your rates in the future.

So stick with your guns, have faith in in by hand and what your commerce brings to the table!

Copyright 2005

Sales Diva, Kim Duke of The Sales Divas helps women biz owners and entrepreneurs appeal to amazing clients and customers, effortlessly! To learn more about escalating YOUR sales - and to read her FREE how-to-articles, visit her website http://www. salesdivas. com


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