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Recently I acknowledged a prospecting voice mail letter from a salesperson. The peddler explained his band was "the guide in Microsoft hosted Argument solutions" and he buoyant me to visit his company's website. That was it - that was the "meat" of the voice mail message.

If you established that salesperson's voice mail message, what would go because of your mind? Do you think it might it be a ask like, "What the heck is a Microsoft hosted Chat solution?" Do you think the voice mail communication would inspire you to call the hawker back?

Why did the salesperson's voice mail letter fail to accomplish the most wanted end result? As it alert on a solution fairly than a problem.

If your prospecting calls and correlated voice mail letters talk about a solution, in air you are haughty that your prospects are before now aware of the evils that your answer can solve for them. If your prospects are not able to associate your elucidation back to their own aspect problems, your letter will in all probability just "bounce off".

If you use industry-specific jargon to illustrate your solution, you are building the extra best guess that your prospects are customary with the jargon that you are using. If they aren't, it auxiliary reduces your likelihood of attracting their attention!

How could this peddler reshuffle his voice mail implication to be more effective? As an alternative of discussion about his solution, he could talk about one or more of the problems that can be solved by using a hosted Altercation service. A revised voice mail idea might sound a bit like this:

"We help small companies look like big companies to their prospects and customers; plus, we help companies of all sizes focus more of their time and funds on their core businesses, which accelerates development and profitability. If you'd like learn how we do this, delight give me a call. "

This hawker could advance enhance his implication by plus a aspect quantified impact that his company's armed forces have fashioned for customers. Here is what it might sound like if we add a quantified blow to the earlier revised voice mail message:

"We help small companies look like big companies to their prospects and customers; plus, we help companies of all sizes focus more of their time and funds on their core businesses. This has helped some of our customers reduce their in service costs by as much as 30% in just six months. If you'd like learn how they were able to do these results, delight give me a call. "

Do you see the alteration connecting the revised letters and, "We are the guide in Microsoft hosted Barter solutions; choose visit our website"? Do you agree that the revised mail are liable to capture more prospects' concentration and churn out more returned phone calls?

There are other compensation to focusing your prospecting letters on harms instead than solutions. If you talk about a solution, your implication will have the most allure for prospects that are already actively looking for that definite solution. But, do you think those (few) prospects are just session about before you for you to call? Or, do you think they might be doing some hands-on research? In fact, isn't it doable they might previously have some price speech marks in hand? If they are that far along in the import process, how does it bang your probability of attractive their business? If you do control to win their business, how profitable is it apt to be? Wouldn't you agree that in this job your elucidation is more apt to be perceived as a commodity, and the commerce is liable to go to a low bidder?

Contrast this scenario to a by the book managed, problem-based prospecting approach. If you are flourishing in attracting a prospect's appeal by conversation about the commerce tribulations that you can solve and the quantified impacts that your circle has delivered to customers, the biological next step is to ask the expectation to ascertain which aspect problems be appropriate to their business. Once the expectation prioritizes their problems, you can ask more questions to help them quantify the impact of these troubles on their business. If the quantified impacts are considerable enough, it becomes quite easy to defend a very profitable price for your solution.

If you want to advance your prospecting effectiveness, stop foremost with solutions in your prospecting calls and voice mail messages. Instead, lead with the problems that you can help prospects solve, and (ideally) one or more of the quantified impacts that your business has formed for customers. This type of problem-focused prospecting approximate will attract the advantage of a superior percentage of your prospects, produce senior close rates, and generate more profitable sales.

Copyright 2005 -- Alan Rigg

Sales act authority Alan Rigg is the creator of How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling: Why Most Salespeople Don't Act and What to Do About It. To learn more about his book and sign up for more FREE sales and sales management tips, visit http://www. 8020performance. com.


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