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Some years ago I read and attractive story that illustrated why many of the sales and assistance conscientiousness professionals that invest their time and money in my not public call education sessions ( http://www. TheSellingEdge. com/personalCoaching. htm ) have until the instruction sessions have disastrous to move away from an intellectual accepting of sound promotion principles. Do you have the processionary worm syndrome?

The celebrated French Naturalist, Jean-Henri Fabre, in an experimentation with processionary caterpillars was able to charm them on to the rim of a large flowerpot. Processionary caterpillars move all the way through the afforest in a long convoy feeding on pine needles. They arise their name from their habit of next a lead caterpillar, each with its eyes half blocked and head en suite neatly alongside the rear end of the preceding caterpillar.

Fabre succeeded in in receipt of the lead worm to fix up with the last one, creating a absolute circle, which moved about the pot in a never finale procession. He brain wave that after a few circles of the pot, the caterpillars would ascertain their dilemma or tire of their endless evolution and move off in a new direction. But they never assorted their movements.

Through force of habit, the caterpillars kept heartrending inexorably about the pot at about the same pace for a age of seven days. They would have constant even longer if they had not bunged from sheer fatigue and hunger. As part of the experiment, food had been located close by in sight of the group, but for the reason that it was out of the path of the circle, they continual in their convoy to what could have been their best destruction.

In their demo about the pot, they were blindly subsequent their instincts, habits, past experience, tradition, custom and precedent-the way they all the time had done things. In reality, they got nowhere. As the adage states, "It is a form of psychosis to do the same effects over and over and then count on another results. "

Like the caterpillars, many sales and assistance business professionals blooper daily doings for accomplishment, functioning hard for functioning smart. In my instruction sessions we use self-directed knowledge manuals and weekly negotiations about proven advertising techniques and systems to help participants alter their actions and advertising behavior so they can sell more food or services. To adjustment your sales deeds you need a plan and a code to move to a new level of sales distinction like the classification we use to help our clients adjust their sales activities.

VIRDEN THORNTON is the break down and Leader of The $elling Edge®, Inc. a firm specializing in sales, patron relations, and management guidance and development. Clients have built-in Sears Optical, Eastman Kodak, IBM, Deloitte & Touché, Bank One, Jefferson Pilot, and Wal-Mart to name a few. Virden is the cause of Prospecting: The Key To Sales Sensation and the best promotion Edifice & Concluding the Sale, Fifty-Minute cycle books and Close That Sale, a video/audio tape chain in print by the Thompson Learning, Crisp Knowledge division. He has also authored a Self-Directed Knowledge run of sales, schooling & team development, telemarketing, and individual productivity education guides. Check them out at:http://www. TheSellingEdge. com/Book1. htm.

Virden teaches for the Concentrate For Authority Development, Texas Tech Academia at Lubbock, Texas and in the Instruct Of Entrepreneurship, J. Willard And Alice S. Marriott Discipline Of Management at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. You can associate Virden at: Virden@TheSellingEdge. com. or learn more about him at: http://TheSellingEdge. com


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