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7 shelter tips every realtor and door-to-door sales authority need to attempt - sales-training


These are the top 7 shelter tips that criminals don't want you to know. It makes their job harder. What makes a criminal pounce? Intent and Opportunity. Their intent we have no charge over, but we beyond doubt can do a little about the opportunity. Start accepted wisdom like a criminal. How would a celebrity be able to take benefit of you? What all over your day can put you at the peak time for a criminal to "come in for the kill"?

1. When assembly a client for the first time, have them go to your administrative center or a communal establishment.

2. If assembly a aptitude client at their home, try to bring a further colleague with you. Remember, there is constantly shelter in numbers. If you are nomadic alone, scope out as you walk towards a clients house where doors are in the house in case a quick escape is needed.

3. Wearing classy costume jewelry makes you a big target. Leave your costume jewelry at home or safe and sound in your vehicle. Ladies, your spouses will understand.

4. Keep your cell phone clipped to you at all times. This allows you to call the administrative center or a ancestors appendage on a moments notice.

5. If you are forceful a client in your vehicle, make them ride in the passenger seat, not the back of the vehicle. You want to keep your eye on them. Having a client sit in the backseat since your rules and regulations is in the front grass you very vulnerable.

6. Keep your keys with you at once available, in a bag of your pants or jacket or even in your hand. They can be used as a distrustful bludgeon if necessary.

7. And commit to memory continually - Constantly trust your gut instincts!!! If a little doesn't seem right or you have a funny atmosphere about a client, Get out of there! Make a different appointment. Bring a big shot with you next time you meet. Tell them your cell phone is vibrating and you need to take the call. Everything that will deter them a sufficient amount for you to get to a safer location.

And bring to mind this? CRIMINALS LIE! They will tell you whatever thing you want to hear. Don't trust them. Don't accept as true them. They will say whatever thing to convert you otherwise. Be agreeable to your prospective clients, but keep your guard up.

About The Author

Michelle Annese specializes in self-defense for adults and children, in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA. She is an coach and lecturer on the business of self-defense and safety. Specializing in coaching realtors and certified groups as well as the issues faced by women at risk. Ms. Annese is the dramatist of "The Realtor's Survival Guide" and writes many articles that consist of tips, self-defense strategies, delicate fortification techniques, shelter effect in sequence and much more - aimed to help build awareness and to save lives or the life of a celebrity you know. Ms. Annese may be contacted via email at mannese@ntelos. net or visit her websites for more info at www. michelleannese. com / www. safetyquestproducts. com


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