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The shifting role of the sales consultant - sales-training


"Leadership rests not only on outstanding ability. It also rests on commitment, constancy and pride. It rests on followers who are ready to acknowledge guidance. Leadership is the capability to absolute associates and - more critical - to have those citizens acknowledge the direction. " Vince Lombardi


There has never been a advance time to be in the field of sales or buyer service. In this world of "high-tech", there is an intractable need for "hands on" contact skills. Clients need to feel appreciated, valued and understood. The in order age has provided all of the opportune ways to conduct business, but there is no exchange for that good old-fashioned human touch. Consultants need to be expert and dexterous in every area of communication. Patrons need to feel appreciated, valued and understood, and they will pay to get it!


Statistics show that 45% of how your ballet company is perceived is based on how the listener perceives the presenter. With consumer satisfaction being chief in affair today, know-how has no answer. . . therefore it is up to a consultant to bestow the basic ceremony to make a categorical experience, creating loyal, referring, and inveterate customers. The more your patron feels that you are open and easily upset to their needs and concerns, the more open they will be to your influencing them in a assured way. That will lead to privileged levels of patron satisfaction, a more loyal buyer base that income to buy from you, and more referrals to build relationships with.


Think about it; 65% of all associates stop doing affair with a circle due to one poor interaction with one person. This is at any rate of how long they have done big business together! To make a categorical bang on your business, you must first accept the need. Then you can compliment some of your hard skills education with soft skills, such as questioning, listening and consultation skills. Long-term binder towards this guidance is necessary, not optional. The need has never been superior than now, to have qualified, well-trained professionals instead of your company. Equip your staff with these skills and then watch those client satisfaction percentages go by means of the roof!

Michael Niles is leader of Focus Education Systems, a Seattle based guidance and education firm. He can be reached at 206-229-3119, michael6941@hotmail. com, or http://www. focussalestraining. com.


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