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10 expressions to avoid in sales contact - sales-training


Keeping up with what words are in and out isn't hard. Yet,
with all the other more critical effects on our to-do list,
it doesn't get remembered easily.

1. Any archaic, bombastic words, such as: hitherto, whereby,
thereby, herein, therein, thereof, heretofore.

2. "Kindly advise. " As conflicting to not benevolently advising.

3. "Whereas. " As an alternative use "where" or "while. "

4. "Pursuant to. " This is too informal for 2004. The
express expired in the 1980s.

5. "As per your request. " As per any other way. . . dah?
Shorten to, "as requested" or "as your requested. "

6. "As of today, we are in receipt of" or "we are in receipt
of. " Instead, "Today we received. "

7. "Please don't hesitate to call. " Again a term that went
out in the 1980s. Fill in it with, "feel free to call. "

8. "When time permits. " This is great idiom for a poem
but not sales information. The adjective "time" doesn't
have something to do with permit. It needs to match people.
Only associates use time.

9. "Enclosed entertain find. " Honestly, I don't know when this
one expired, yet it did, so don't use it.

10. "Of even date. " This one I belief went out in the
1950s and I couldn't accept as true my eyes when I acknowledged not one
but two sales correspondence with it incorporated last week. So, I
thought I would put this one for those that missed it back

Bonus: Yet and so -- use them predictably and only for
impact. They are on their way out as well.

Catherine Franz, past administration partner, now expert life
and commerce coach specializing in marketing and writing,
Internet and infoproduct development. For other articles,
and ezines: http://www. AbundanceCenter. com.


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