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A Revolutionary 'NEW' Dimension In Sales: Make many more closings in the same quantity of time!

By Art Nelson and Linda Carlson

Phase I

Phase I: Culture the Creation is the first thing Paul does as he begins his career in sales. This 'newbie' envisions three major factors that will agree on his achievement or closure in sales. They are:

  • Knowledge of his product.

  • Knowledge of the profit that it offers to his prospects.

  • How well he communicates that acquaintance and profit to his prospects. Most salespeople don't have a conundrum with consequence knowledge. The ballet company customarily spends adequate of time and money to declare the competence level of its sales force. So, Paul is fine at 1, 2, and since his look after said, "You can sell an icebox to an Eskimo," he information he will do well at 3.

    The catch shows up when Paul (now on his own) tries to share this awareness with his prospects. He finds that some prospects get actually 'turned on' by the effect and its benefits; but there are other prospects that never seem to get attracted or 'understand. ' Discussion to them is like "talking to brick walls. "

    He doesn't be au fait with why every dig doesn't be firm on purchasing. He is warm and charming every time! It must be the way he closes. There has to be a classified he needs to discover.

    Phase II

    Upon realizing this, Paul enters Phase II of his career: The Examination For Enlightenment. The great cast doubt on of a salesman's life haunts him on his prospecting calls. In the face of apparent need, why doesn't my expectation buy?

    "He needs this product. I competent him carefully. Why can't I close him?"

    So, Paul begins reading, listening to tapes, attendance seminars, etc. for every attention-grabber that comes along capable the "Secret of Closing. "

    Phase III

    After a spice of this, he enters Phase III of his career: The Stasis Of Superstition.

    Paul (like most sales people) is assembly 2 or 3 sales for ten presentations. But since he exceedingly doesn't appreciate why he sells at times and every so often doesn't, he "freezes" or "cans" his presentation. He is anxious to alteration it for the reason that he might mess up his hit so, he plays the 'numbers game. '

    Paul falls into a archetype of in the family way to close 'just so many' sales. No quantity of reading, listening to tapes, or compelling sales seminars changes his arrangement for long. He is eager to keep an adequate amount of prospects on the line that the ones he doesn't sell won't especially matter. He'll still be a 'successful' salesman.

    Phase IV

    Before ICTech (Individualized Contact Technology) most of us (salespeople) ended our career cyst in Phase III. Now with the Accepted Styles policy used in ICTech we can move into Phase IV: Biological Persuasion.

    Knowing how the 5 styles are born to deal with information, allows the hawker to tailor his presentation for the arrangement most by far unspoken and contracted upon by the prospect.

    It doesn't be of importance how well you know your consequence or how charming your presentation is. Until your expectation UNDERSTANDS your artifact and its applications for him you won't close a sale.

    Understanding the policy lets you allot with gimmicks and integrate all of your sales acquaintance into a interrelated whole that you will consequentially change in each new situation. This means more sales! And more fulfilled customers!

    How ICTech works:

    You're a dealer whose Artless Style is 'Single. ' What do you do with a 'Multiple' style prospect?

    • Don't bore her with too many details; give her the overview of the effect and its possessions on her. Be sure to ask her what this effect could do for her or in some way let her think this whole thing is her idea.

    • The highest way to lose this hope is oversell - too many details. You are 'telling' not 'selling. '
    Now annul the example. You're a 'Multiple' merchant and your hope is a 'Single. ' What do you do?
    • Don't be too intense him with too many examples or applications of the product. Let them apply to him. Again, 'sell' don't 'tell. ' Concentrate on the strongest aspect of your consequence and give as many minutiae as possible.

    • Give him a lot of time to think; don't rush him. The best ever way to lose this hope is to arrive on the scene too vague since you're demanding to give him an overview and he wants an clear example.
    Just a duo of austere examples, but Paul practices the clean strategies of ICTech and it has made him one of his industry's 'hottest' sales people.

    Many sales ancestors who use ICTech close 5 to 7 of ten presentations. What would crop up for any dealer who could cut by means of the mental baggage of a dig and give a presentation with a 50% to 70% attempt of closing?

    Simple. Revolutionary!

    Art Nelson is an capitalist and consultant in a range of areas of media organization. He found ICTech in a broadcast workshop, and since has been erudition more about it and applying it in his businesses Linda Blew Carlson, is Leader of FOCUS I, Inc. a business enthusiastic to at the bottom of American businesses by selection them find innovative ways to individualize their service. Reach her at http://www. styleworks4u. com/pages/home-page. html or lbc@styleworks4u. com

    About The Author

    Linda Blew Carlson, is GM of FOCUS II, LLC, a band devoted to at the bottom of businesses, families, and persons by plateful them find innovative ways to individualize their broadcasting and strengthen each other. To befall a part of this crack go to http://www. styleworks4u. com.


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